March Out Cleaning

The one often dreaded aspect of military life, moving! Our team has many awesome members, but some of us are veterans and military spouses, so you can bet we understand how important it is for your property to pass that final inspection before handing the quarters back to DIO.

Let us handle the clean so you can concentrate on your fresh start! We have many years experience in these types of cleans and can deal with the high standards expected when handing back a property.

We will have personnel present or to hand (whatever your preference) at your march out in case of any queries to be able to rectify as soon as possible!

Phone our team and book your site visit for a no-obligation quote.

March out typically involves:

  • All surfaces cleaned including walls and skirting boards
  • Inside of all windows cleaned including jamb and recess of window
  • Inside of cupboards cleaned
  • Deep clean of toilets/bathrooms/kitchens to remove limescale/mildew to the best of our ability
  • Oven cleaned **
  • Carpets cleaned **
  • Hard floors mopped
  • Radiators cleaned

** may involve extra cost to be confirmed at site visit